BOATS (German: Boote) take us from place to place, transport objects from A to B and are reloadable transportation media.

MESSAGES (German: Botschaften) take messages from the mouth to the ear, are articulated and heard, thought and developed. Messages spread, circulate and create complex communication systems.

EMBASSYBUILDINGS (German: Botschaften) are places of communication that have turned to stone; interfaces between politics and life that have evolved over time and are symbolic of the change brought about by diplomacy and transparency.


These thoughts are why Düsseldorf-based artist, Sabine Kacunko, chose the name BOOTSCHAFT (a play on the German words for boat (Boot) and message (Botschaft)) for her large-scale media art project.


BOOTSCHAFT: it is becoming increasingly important in this global age to illuminate individual surfaces and content, and to make them visible. This is precisely what the media art project BOOTSCHAFT is all about. It illuminates the patina - the natural organic film - on historical, political or 'geographically-charged' objects in  public space. Modern technology is used to 'put the spotlight on' the selected places/objects and their history, and to network them. Information is stored and decentralised, and a dialogue about history, present and future is set in motion.  


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