PROJECT: „under the veil of darkness“
OCCASION: Restoration of the Herkules-Monuments
LOCATION: Kassel/Schlosspark Wilhelmshöhe, Herkules-Monument

The Hercules monument in Kassel will be undergoing a multimedia metamorphosis. The recent restoration of the statue makes it an object of art, and people are interested in looking at the object itself and its environment. The statue's skin, the natural organic film on the surface the Hercules statue under the shroud, will be transformed at nightfall into a large projection surface that is visible for quite a distance. The projection surface (approx. H 20 m X B 10 m) is affixed to the scaffolding that was put up for the renovation work on Hercules. The projection subject is the microscopic structure of the patina, the monument's colourful microcosm, shown in large format and real-time in a natural setting.


Positioning of the elements

The - living - images of the patina can be seen in the public space and on the internet. A copper communication terminal (Ø 70 cm/H 400 cm), shaped like a periscope, will be placed on the grassed area around 100 m outside Schloss Wilhelmshöhe Museum. The terminal isn't just an information source, it is also a virtual place of communication between the people involved in the project and interested people.  

The terminal can be used to send messages, information and/or live images of the patina by e-mail or by mobile phone and Bluetooth. Visitors operate it via an intuitive touch screen interface. The communication terminal provides information. It also reaches and networks initially uninvolved individuals, giving them the opportunity to proactively contribute their ideas and social engagement. An LED surface (diameter: 70 cm) on the side of the terminal shows real-time images of the patina during the daytime.  



Copper binoculars on stands are positioned around 4 m to the left and right of the terminal. The distance from the projection surface is around 1596 m. The binoculars can be used to get a close-up view of the live images that are projected at night.


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