PROJECT: Hommage a`Nam June Paik
YEAR: MAY 2006
OCCASION: : "Nacht der Musseen"
LOCATION: Project-Room „BOOTSCHAFT“  Düsseldorf/Mediaharbour


BOOTSCHAFT paid tribute to the life and works of video art pioneer Nam June Paik who died recently in Florida, with short presentations and video documentations by experts and former Paik students.

Nam June Paik is one of the 20th century's most significant and innovative artists, and the 'founding father of video art'. When Paik was awarded a professorship at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, he centred his art and teaching activities around this city on the Rhine.

Even when he retired in 1995, Korean-born Paik, who was educated in Japan and Germany and recently died in Florida, remained in regular contact with his friends, students and numerous fans in Düsseldorf and Germany.



21.00 h
Prof. Dr. Slavko Kacunko (Osnabrück University)
"When too perfect, lieber Gott böse": Paik, Düsseldorf and Germany"

22.00 h
PD. Dr. Habil. Dawn Leach (Düsseldorf State Art Academy, Archive Manager):
"Paiks TV Garden in its stages of growth"

23.00 h
Prof. Ivo Dekovic, Aachen Technical University:
"Paik's Video Venus – a report by a Paik student"  



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